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Key Facts & Comparison Table

7 Day Cash, Fixed Price & 100% Market Price Options

We have developed our fast house sales option in direct response to our customers’ needs so whether you need to sell your house in the FASTEST TIME possible (our Cash Purchase option) or for a GUARANTEED PRICE (our Fixed Price option) or for the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE (our 100% Market Sales option), we have an option to suit you.

Our Cash Purchase option is the fastest way to sell your house – we will make you an discounted offer on the property usually within 48 hours of viewing, based on its condition and average selling price in your area.

Properties sold through our guaranteed price and best price options are advertised using Modern Auction process in

KEY FACTS – Common to Fixed Price & 100% Market Sales

• We aim to sell your property in just 28 days via our Modern Auction

• Our Modern Auction involves a unique sales combination of Online Bidding with local agent marketing, and attractive ‘Offers Over’ pricing

• We financially qualify all our buyers to ensure that they:
    – pay non-refundable deposits (lost if buyers withdraw from sale)
    – are completely Chain-Free
    – are able to complete quickly within 56 days

• We provide a No Sale – No Fee service. You are not obliged to accept any offer from us that does not meet your agreed price.

If we do not achieve your agreed price you may cancel any agreement you have with us at no cost
to you after the period of the agreement has expired (or sooner with our agreement).

th-corner 100% MARKET

28 days sale


7 days sale


28 days sale
Contract Type 28 Day 100% Market Price
3rd Party Sale
7 Day Company Cash Purchase 28 Day Fixed Price 3rd Party Sale
Estate Agency Fees 2.5% + VAT
(min £3995 + VAT)
Zero Fees Zero Fees
Legal Fees Pay Own Legal Fees Zero Fees Zero Fees
Total Timescales to Sell and Complete 28 Days to Sell
56 Days to Complete
7 Days to Sell
(or to suit seller)
28 Days to Sell
56 Days to Complete

Additional benefits

FREE local Estate Agent Listing included feature* N/A included feature
FREE EPC included feature included feature included feature
FREE Buyer Legal Packs included feature included feature included feature
Cash Advances included feature included feature
Repay Mortgage Arrears
(to stop repossessions)
included feature included feature
Pay for Lease Extensions
(to maximise sale price)
included feature included feature
Pay Fees & Manage
Tenant Evictions
included feature included feature
* on a case by case basis
LEGAL NOTE: Our agreements are legally binding and you should seek independent legal advice before signing. Should we sell your property for the price you agreed and you seek to withdraw from the sale, or should you breach our Sole Selling Rights or other terms of your agreement, you may be liable to pay our fees. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of your agreement

To Recap:

• Our company will buy your property for cash in just 7 days or a timescale to suit you
• You have absolutely no fees to pay and the quickest sale possible

• You receive a fixed price on completion with no deductions for any legal or agency fees whatsoever. You have ZERO fees to pay!
• We sell your property for a higher price from which we pay you your fixed price and we pay all required fees. We retain the balance
• From this balance, we make our fees and we also pay for many additional benefits including: Cash Advances; Local Agents Fees; Legal Fees, Marketing Fees
• Please see Additional Benefits in the Comparison Table above

• You set a minimum Reserve Price for us to achieve
• We obtain the best 100% Market Price we can in just 28 days
• If we agree a sale, you pay us our commission fee of 2.5% + VAT (min £3995 + VAT) and you also pay your own legal fees


Frequently Asked Sellers’ Questions

Please call us on 01244 341066 (local rate, mobile friendly) or 0800 612 3694 (Freephone). One of our sales staff will be happy to help you immediately

Estate agents tell you they will sell your property for a price far higher than they will eventually achieve in order to win your business over their competition.

Most people know deep-down the high price promised by the estate agent is unrealistic but are enticed to go with it – after all there is just a chance it will sell for that high price, right?

Wrong! Properties do not sell for unrealistic high prices and after no or few viewings over many months you become increasingly frustrated at not being able to sell and move on with your life.

You eventually reach the point where you have to make a decision! Do I reduce the price? Do I change my estate agent? Or, do I call a ‘quick sale company’ because I am running out of time and I need a guaranteed quick-sale now?

The risk for you now is making the wrong decision and either remaining on the market for many more months or selling your property under-value because you cannot afford any more delays.

Worse still, you eventually get a sale only for it to fall through because the buyer:

  1. Cannot get a mortgage;
  2. Simply pulls out, or
  3. Tries to reduce the price just before completion!


Rather than accepting this dreadful outcome and experiencing these avoidable frustrations, there is a better way! National Residential will achieve the best possible price for you, and in the quick timescales you require, through our unique pricing strategy and processes. Furthermore, all our buyers have the proven funds to buy, and we put in measures to ensure they complete within 28-56 days. Buyers also pay non-refundable deposits which they risk losing if they pull out or try to reduce the price

National Residential therefore achieve the Best Prices, Quickest Sales and Certain Completions – these are the main reasons why sellers opt for National Residential versus using a normal estate agent.

We will get you the best possible price that people are willing to pay for your property at that moment in time. We will market your property using our unique pricing scheme to get maximum buyer interest so we can get the offers flowing in. Our experienced sales team will squeeze the very best prices that buyers are willing to pay so we get you the best price possible.
We combine maximum marketing exposure for your property with an aggressive pricing strategy to generate maximum buyer-interest in your property. Our experienced sales team is incentivised to get you the best price possible and to sell quickly. Our average time on market to sell and complete properties is less than 78 days versus 200 days with normal estate agents and we are achieving the full market price for properties in this timescale!
All our buyers have proven funds and use our Accelerated Purchasing Scheme – that means we put in measures to ensure they complete within 28-56 days and do not reduce the price before completion. We have the best ‘sales progression’ system in our industry for ensuring buyers complete quickly, and at the agreed prices, with minimum sales falling through.
We will manage viewings in the best way possible for you depending on your circumstances. We will agree this with you at the start.

We use the UK’s leading conveyancing solicitors who are experienced in achieving extremely fast completions and providing the best customer service. You want a quick and guaranteed sale and the lowest costing legal fees, so why pay slow local solicitors high prices and receive a slow poor service because solicitors fail to perform?

In our experience when buyers or sellers use their own solicitors a high proportion of these sales drag on or fail to complete at all because their solicitors are either ill-experienced and/or under-motivated to prioritise completing in the quick timescales buyers and sellers require.

We are in the business of providing the highest possible service standards and achieving fast and certain completions for both our buyers and sellers. We only recommend the best solicitors in the UK because they have proven time and time again that they can complete sales quickly, and because they provide buyers and sellers with the best experience and service standards possible and at the lowest prices.

Our sales progression team provide the best service standards in our industry because we use super-efficient solicitors for both sides. This means both sellers and buyers benefit from a fast efficient service and avoid the costs, stress and delays of sales falling through.


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