Our Process of Bidding and How to Register - National Residential

Our Process of Bidding and How to Register

National Residential – Registering for Online Bidding

Once you have registered with National Residential you can view and bid on a property 24 hours a day from the comfort of your PC, IPad, Tablet or Smartphone. We use the very latest Online and SMS (Text Messaging) technology to enable buyers to monitor properties, place bids, arrange viewings and to keep them constantly informed of current highest bids.

We offer buyers world leading modern technology to save time and to have the best opportunity to win the bid and buy the properties they want.

How to register

You’ve seen a National Residential property online and you’re eager to view and bid for it, so your first step is to simply register with our online bidding system.

We operate two different types of property sale: Modern Auctions and Offmarket, Buy-It-Now – please see details for each sale type below.


Our Modern Auctions require bidders to confirm they have agreed to National Residential Terms & Conditions of Online Bidding and to enter a security code supplied during the bidding process to confirm their bid. Bidders do not need to register a payment card online in order to bid, instead bidders agree to make a payment by BACS or by debit/credit card at the end of the auction if they win as part of the Terms and Conditions they have agreed before submitting the bid.

This system suits certain residential property sales especially where buyers are not used to registering payment cards online or do not use credit/debit cards (for example, this might include elderly buyers who purchase bungalows who are not usually accustomed to using online auctions and making internet payments).

To place a bid with National Residential for a ‘non-Registered’ auction, simply place a bid on a specific property online. We ask for your name and mobile number so that we can text you a code to your mobile. You enter this code online to confirm your bid and to confirm that you a legitimate buyer.

Please feel free to call our office on 01244 341066 (Mobile Friendly) or 0800 6123694 (Freephone) anytime – before, during or after bidding. We can answer any questions you have, arrange viewings, walk you through the process and/or make sure you have all the information you need.

‘How To Bid’ in 3 easy steps:

1. When you are ready to bid, simply enter your bid amount together with your mobile telephone number.

2. Enter the 5 digit code we send you by text to confirm your bid.

3. Your bid is submitted.

If you do not have a mobile number, or if you prefer to speak with us personally, you can also call us on 01244 341066 and register with our sales team.

Our ‘Offmarket Buy-It-Now’ sales

For ‘Off Market’sales ‐ as soon as we receive an offer at the Buy-it-Now price ~, or any other lower price the Vendor
will accept, the property is sold and will not go to auction.

All Bidders must their Holding Deposit and/or Buyers Fee by card or bank transfer and agree to these Online Bidding Terms and Conditions for properties to be removed from market.

Should any Bidders require assistance, please contact the sales office on 01244 341066.


For more information please see our Bidding & Buying Process Explained page.



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