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Sell House Fast – 7 Day Property Sales

Take Advantage of Our House Purchase Fund!

Sell House Fast – Our House Purchase Fund provides home owners and property developers with an even greater certainty of a guaranteed and speedy sale of property to release funds quickly.

For Home Owners

Sell House Fast – Our House Purchase Fund provides a guaranteed & easy way to sell a house fast. Simply call us with your property details, get a free instant online valuation and you could have the money from your house sale in your account just 7 days later, or in a timescale to suit you.

sell you house in 7 days


We will make you a guaranteed offer to buy your house for up to 80% of its market value. You will have no legal fees or estate agency fees to pay as we simply buy your property and pay all your legal fees for you.

If you accept our offer, our team of panel solicitors will manage the entire sale taking away the hassle, risk, delays, anxiety and associated costs of traditional sales. Selling your house could not be any easier.

Consider the savings you can make by ending your liability for household bills, mortgage payments, council taxes and insurances. Sell House Fast = A quick cash sale would be free to move on with your life immediately and could actually save you money!

The Online National Residential Estate Agency are proud members of the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB). All members of the NAPB must sign up to The Property Ombudsman (TPO) Code of Practice so consumers can expect a fair and transparent service when selling their home to a member agent, with the additional peace of mind that they can access TPO’s free, impartial and independent dispute resolution service in the event of a complaint. Fpr more information on the NAPB please see

Phone us now on 01244 757152 for your tailor made offer. There’s no obligation to proceed and nothing to lose knowing all your options. Any information submitted to National Residential is protected by The Data Protection Act 1998*.

*We are registered Data Controllers. Our registration number is ZA081795 – see our Privacy Policy for more details.

For Property Developers & House Builders

Our House Purchase Fund provides you with a fully-funded Part Exchange scheme – a guaranteed & easy way to sell 2nd hand properties you may have taken on as PX.

It also provides you with an option to sell the last few remaining new build plots you have on a development site. We buy £10Ms property every year through our Home Purchase Fund. Our House Purchase Fund allows you to remove all risk and property holding from your balance sheet and to sell properties quickly to achieve your yearend cash targets.

Our House Purchase Fund frees-up your PX budget to extend your buying power at your peak times. We believe we offer the simplest scheme and lowest costs available for this model and already work with a range of well-known house builders such as Persimmon Homes.


In addition to creating a new option for house builders, operating the funded model has provided us with first-hand insights into holding, owning stock and selling stock. We have used it to help us evolve our traditional managed PX service to the benefit of all our clients. We provide property developers with an Assisted Sale Service whereby we achieve full 100% market price sales in just 28 days. Click here to learn more.


Or sell your house in 28 days for the FULL MARKET VALUE
National ResidentialOur 28 day auction style process generates the highest interest in your property from 1st time buyers and qualified investors. These buyers pay the highest prices allowing you to achieve full market value in just 28 days. No Sale. No Fee. Sell Your House in 28 Days.



Frequently Asked Sellers’ Questions

When you first call us to enquire about our 7 day cash service, we will discuss your circumstances, take some details of your property and make you a provisional ball-park offer based on an initial desktop estimate of the value of your property. This offer will be up to 80% of the price we subsequently expect to resell your property for after we have purchased it.

If you are happy with this estimate, we go to the next stage of booking an appointment for our in-house agent to meet you at the property. The purposes for this appointment is: (i) to carry out a property inspection to confirm the property’s condition and our initial valuation estimate, and (ii) to fully explain the process and answer any questions you have so you are happy to make a decision.

At this appointment, we will make you a provisional offer. This provisional offer is subject to a final valution confirmation carried out by an experienced valuer from the local estate agency that we instruct to resell your property on our behalf. Should you be happy with the process and accept our provissional offer, we instruct the local estate agent to carry out this bvlution assessment within 24-48 hours.

Following the receipt of the valuation of the local estate agent we either confirm our offer and set a completion date OR we provide you with a revised offer should his valuation be less than we antipated. Should we offer you a lower price than the provisional offer then you are under no obligation to accept it and can simply decline our offer and are free to go eslewhere.

We expect to his whole process to take between 7-14 days and we work towards completion in your timescales.

There are also ZERO costs to you for us carrying out our valuation to make you an offer. This service is completely free whether you decide to go ahead or not.

If you agree to our cash offer you have ZERO fees to pay. You receive the full agreed price on completion with no deductions for any fees whatsoever (obviously you have to pay off your mortgages and secured loans!)


Secondly, if you agree to our cash offer, we pay all your legal fees and you have no estate agency fees to pay.

Call us on 01244 757152 (local rate, mobile friendly) or 0800 612 3694 (Freephone) . One of our sales staff will be happy to help you immediately.

It takes an average 200 days to sell and complete with a local estate agent and on completion you have to pay all your legal fees and estate agents fees.

If you chose our cash offer, you can have your money in as little as 7 days with ZERO fees to pay.

Other benefits to you from our 7 day cash offer include:

  1. No intrusive buyers or timewasters
  2. We purchase properties in any condition and location – this is perfect for people who might have an inherited or empty property requiring modernisation and refurbishment
  3. We buy tenanted properties (even if the tenants are not paying the rent!)
  4. We also purchase properties with short leases and with title issues
  5. We also offer an immediate exchange with a cash advance and a delayed completion to help sellers who need to stay in the home for an extended period but need cash quickly

Although you may receive just 80% of the price you would achieve through a local estate agent, you will be achieving a sale in just 7 days as you will be saving money on fees and bills. We also provide tailor-made solutions for you to provide you that absolutely tick the box for what you need.

We carry out a very transparent valuation process and will offer you between between 75-80% of the resale price as assessed by the head valuer of an established local estate agent.

If this price does not work for you and you need higher price but still require a quick sale, then we also offer our 28 day auction-style sale options. Click here for more information:

Where do we start? There is no comparison!

Firstly, we have been trading for over 10 years and we are registered with the Property Ombudsman and Trading Standards. We are also a founding member the National Association of Property Buyers. We strive to deliver the best possible service for our customers. All our procedures are transparent, compliant and we adhere to all best practices.

Furthermore, if you ever did have cause for compliant, we have a robust internal complaints procedure and a personal complaints manager who will work to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction quickly – within 14 day timescales. You are also able to take your complaint to the Property Ombudsman should you feel it necessary.

We also have long-held established relationships with all the best national and local estate agents. These are strong relationships we have built over a long period of time by continually delivering on our promises and by living up to our customer’s expectations. Therefore, you can likely speak to a respected local estate agents in your area for their impartial advice before making your decision whether to choose to work with ourselves.

Finally, because we both buy and sell properties fast, we have vast experience in resolving all sorts of properties issues as quickly as possible. We offer sellers tailored solutions to suit your personal circumstances and to get you best price for your property. No matter what problem it is you need to solve; the price you need, and the timescale you wish to sell, we will have a solution for you.

It is unlikely you will receive a more comprehensive and satisfactory service from any other property buying company.

We can exchange on day one and complete within 7-14 days, or in a specific timescale to suit you.

If you need cash immediately before completion takes place at a future date to suit you, we are also able to do this.

We have to carry out necessary fraud prevention and money laundering checks to confirm we are dealing with the legal owners, but we do these in the quickest possible way using online service providers such as Experian as well as solicitors who are quick.

The most important reasons are that our panel solicitors are both quick and free (for sellers who accept our cash offers) to use!

To reduce the risk of fraud, we usually insist that sellers use our panel solicitors when we buy for cash. We may allow exceptions to this rule where sellers are obviously legitimate and where they prefer to use a local lawyer with whom they have had a relationship with for some time.

However, where sellers use their own solicitors, they may be responsible for their own legal fees and we will have less control over the speed and timescales of completions.

We use the UK’s leading conveyancing solicitors who are experienced in achieving super-fast completions and providing the best customer service. We are in the business of providing the highest possible service standards and achieving fast and certain completions for sellers. We therefore only recommend the best solicitors in the UK because they have proven time and time again that they can complete sales quickly.

Our sales progression team provides the best service standards in our industry because we work with the same super-efficient solicitors all the time. This means solicitors know how quickly we work, therefore sellers benefit from a fast, free service and avoid stress of sales being delayed.


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