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Stop An Agreed Property Sale Collapsing

The problem: Broken House Chains

With over 10 years of specialising in selling property quickly, we do of course know the pitfalls that can derail any house sale – i.e. issues that cause chains to break resulting in everyone involved wasting time and money.

We also know that the average percentage of agreed sales that fall through is currently stands at almost 40% and unfortunately, the number is on the rise*.


* According to recent figures released by Quick Move Now, the number of house sales falling through before completion has risen to 38.8% in Q1 2018 – nearly four percentage points higher than a year earlier and 18 percentage points higher than five years ago.


Of course, any experienced estate agent also knows this but unlike most, we at National Residential do not accept that it is an ‘acceptable risk’  and/or unavoidable.

That is why we have tailored our sales process to minimise risk and maximise success. Our stats speak for them selves – due to our rigorous buyer approval procedures 95% of our agreed sales complete.



What Do We Do To Ensure Most Agreed House Sales Complete


We offer different types of sale options including our 7 Day Cash Sale where we buy your property ourselves for 70 – 80% of the property value. There are no agency or legal fees to pay in this option because we manage the legal process ourselves and take our fees from any profit we make in reselling the house (if we succeed). Add to those savings the bills you won’t be paying while you are waiting for a traditional sale to complete (and of course sell in the first place) and the cost of this option is alot better than you might first realise.

It is the fastest, most certain type of sale but we also offer other options to sell property through our auction process either for 100% of the sale price or a fixed price that you agree in advance.

To make our auction sales agreed sales as reliable as possible:

  1. Before they are able to bid, buyers need to register their interest either directly through us or indirectly through one of our local estate agent partners.
  2. Successful buyers are required to pay a small holding deposit of 2% (minimum £5000) of the purchase price to secure a property together with any buyer’s fee which will be clearly listed in the property details where any exist.
  3. Our consultants are proactive throughout the lifetime of the sale – we don’t sit back once our auctions start and we don’t wait for problems to present themselves, we look for them and try to sort them out before they can derail a process.
  4. At the end of the agreed marketing period, our expert quick house sales progression team manages buyers, sellers and solicitors to get sales completed in within quick timescales to suit you.


What About Traditional Auctions – Aren’t They Reliable?

If a house sells at a traditional auction, the sale is more likely to complete than an agreed sale through an estate agent for the same reasons as 95% our sales complete; because bidders have to pay a deposit as soon as their bid has been accepted.

However, although more reliable than some other house sales, traditional auctions are  usually held during normal working hours immediately excluding a lot of potential interest resulting in lower sales prices (it’s no coincidence a lot of the people who attend traditional property auctions are property investors there to pickup a bargain).

Also, often a seller will have to pay auction fees whether their lot sells or not, unlike ALL National Residential sales options which NO SALE, NO FEE.

For more information on traditional auction Vs National Residential Modern Auctions please click here and/or watch the video below.


What About Other Online Auctions?

Not all online auctions are the same and not all online estate agents provide the level of service we do.

As detailed above, not only do we ensure bidders are financially committed as soon as a sale is agreed, we also ensure they are financially able to complete and are not involved in any sort of housing chain.

Added to that, some companies seem to think that their work is done once they have secured representation and an property auction has begun – especially if they get paid regardless of whether the house sells. We’re not like that, in fact we tend to think that our work has only just begun when our auctions start because as we’ve said before NO SALE, NO FEE.

Unfortunately, one of the most effective parts of our service that ensures 95% of our agreed sales complete (our customer services and account handling) and sets us apart from our competitors is almost beyond words (literally, because it is impossible to describe everything we do as no two house sales are ever the same).

The closest we can get to showing you the difference our staff make to the process is by letting our customers tell you themselves – please see our Customer Reviews page.


Contact us now on 01244 757152 (mobile friendly) or 0800 6123694 (free phone).

All calls are confidential and received with no obligation to proceed further. We are fully regulated for all types of property sales.


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