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The Quick House Sales industry differs to traditional estate agents because companies buy property directly or broker a deal with property investors.

Both options are typically faster and more reliable than waiting for a private buyer to buy your property but the convenience comes at a price reflective of the scarcity of companies with sufficient funds and organisation in place to ensure sales can be completed in 7 – 28 days (depending on the option chosen).

The quick house sales choices are particularly useful when a person needs to sell a house fast due to difficult personal circumstances where selling a house for a sometime significantly reduced price is still a better financial and mental option than the problems that difficult personal circumstances could cause.

The problems that could occur include allowing debts to increase out of control through fines and fees being added to the original amount;  being evicted as part of a repossession order; missing out on a fantastic opportunity due to cash flow problems or being unable to proceed with goals and plans due to the financial burden of unwanted home ownership.

Typically, companies that operate in the Quick House Sales industry make their money by buying property for a price that allows them to resell it at a profit to developers who expect to pay less than the market value.

The longevity of the industry is dependent on the reputation of the companies within it to be transparent about the offers they make, the fees they charge and accurate about the time a sale will take to complete.

Unfortunately, due to the desperation of some of the sellers, before regulation and the high numbers of repossession, the industry attracted some people willing  to sacrifice longevity in favour of making bigger profits by taking advantage of people and practices that turned urgent need to desperate need with no time to look for alternative service providers.

Today, thanks to regulations and public awareness about the sense in choosing a company that is regulated and approved, there are far fewer dodgy practices still in operation.

ALL aspects of National Residential’s  sales options are fully regulated and approved.

National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB)

The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) was founded in 2013 in response to to the growth in popularity of Quick House Sales companies.

Quick house sales companies differ from estate agencies because they enable members of the public to sell their properties fast by buying them directly or brokering a deal with a property developer – i.e. without promoting them to the public or having to wait  for someone to make an offer. Quick house sales companies that buy property directly must have significant funds available to make an instant purchase.

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The Property Ombudsman (TPO) Member

Help & Advice To Resolve Property Sales Disputes

The TPO provides consumers with free, impartial and independent advice for all types of property sales. Its Redress Scheme has been providing consumers and property agents with an independent dispute resolution service since 1990.

It is a government approved scheme to provide independent rulings  designed to achieve a full and final settlement of disputes and all claims made by either party. Continue reading The Property Ombudsman (TPO) Member

Quick House Sales – Good Practice Regulations

The Office Of Fair Trading reported “Quick house sales can be beneficial to home sellers who want a quick, guaranteed and hassle-free sale. Our study has shown this to be a dynamic and innovative sector where some businesses have modified their business models to try to offer a better service to home sellers.

The Office Of Fair Trading, Quick House Sales Market Study, 2013,

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