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 “About 15 years ago, my family found themselves in a bit of a difficult situation.  We had overstretched ourselves with our mortgage in order to invest in a property that had a lot of potential, but redundancy hit before we were able to realise that potential.  As a result, our capacity to continue paying large monthly repayments put more and more pressure on our small family.  We put our house up for sale with a traditional High Street Estate Agency, but whilst we waited for our property to sell, the entire focus of our life became about money: How could we keep making mortgage repayments on a reduced income? How much work could we take on to cover the mortgage and our essential living expenses? It was a difficult time, and with hindsight, a guaranteed and quick sale – the likes of which National Residential offer – could have been a good option for us”

This is a real account from a member of the National Residential team, and highlights the stress that a house sale – particularly one that has been imposed on you for negative financial reasons – can have on a family.

Here at National Residential, we know that there are many reasons why people have to sell their properties quickly (from divorce to relocation, from inherited properties to issues with debt) and we try very hard to provide clear and non-judgmental information and support at what we know can be a difficult time for anyone.  Should you decide to sell with us, we will endeavour to make the process as easy for you as possible and can have the money in your bank account within 7 days if you opt for our ‘7-day House Sale’ Service and meet the qualifying criteria.

For more information about selling your property with National Residential, why not visit our website today – https://national-residential.co.uk/ – or get in touch with us via phone by calling 01244 757152 (Mobile Friendly Number) or Freephone 0800 612 3694.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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