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A Quick Sale

 “About 15 years ago, my family found themselves in a bit of a difficult situation.  We had overstretched ourselves with our mortgage in order to invest in a property that had a lot of potential, but redundancy hit before we were able to realise that potential.  As a result, our capacity to continue paying large monthly repayments put more and more pressure on our small family.  We put our house up for sale with a traditional High Street Estate Agency, but whilst we waited for our property to sell, the entire focus of our life became about money: How could we keep making mortgage repayments on a reduced income? How much work could we take on to cover the mortgage and our essential living expenses? It was a difficult time, and with hindsight, a guaranteed and quick sale – the likes of which National Residential offer – could have been a good option for us”

 This is a real account from a member of the National Residential team, and highlights the stress that a house sale – particularly one that has been imposed on you for negative financial reasons – can have on a family.

Here at National Residential, we know that there are many reasons why people have to sell their properties quickly (from divorce to relocation, from inherited properties to issues with debt) and we try very hard to provide clear and non-judgmental information and support at what we know can be a difficult time for anyone.  Should you decide to sell with us, we will endeavour to make the process as easy for you as possible and can have the money in your bank account within 7 days if you opt for our ‘7-day House Sale’ Service and meet the qualifying criteria.

For more information about selling your property with National Residential, why not visit our website today – – or get in touch with us via phone by calling 01244 757152 (Mobile Friendly Number) or Freephone 0800 612 3694.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Modern Estate Agents

Modern Estate Agents

At present, only 5% of Residential Properties sold in the UK every year are sold via online Estate Agencies (Which), but in a world where we are increasingly shopping, saving, working and communicating digitally via the internet, whether you access the internet from a fixed terminal at home or work or, like 68% of the UK’s population in 2014, via a mobile phone or tablet ‘on the go’ (source: ), this figure is only going to rise!

National Residential have worked hard to embrace the modern, ‘digital’ Estate Agency ideal of 24/7 clear and simple access to properties for sale, regardless of whether you are at home or on the move. With National Residential, you can bid on a property 24 hours a day from the comfort of your PC, iPad, Tablet or Smartphone. (Modern Estate Agents) In addition to this, they also use the very latest Online and SMS Technology to help buyers to monitor properties, place bids, arrange viewings, ask questions, and to keep buyers informed of the current bids and the ‘Best and Final’ end dates for online bidding on their innovative property auction site.

Selling a property online has also never been easier, with a 24/7 hotline dedicated to customers who want to sell their properties quickly and efficiently, either through National Residential’s 7-days or 28-day property sale service.  If you would like to contact National Residential regarding a property you would like to sell, call today on 01244 757152 (Mobile Friendly Number) or Freephone 0800 612 3694.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, make National Residential your first port of call! If you are looking for clear advice and a simple buying or selling process, and also want the convenience of being able to deal with the process at a time, or in a place, that suits you and your busy lifestyle, then look no further than

How can we sell your house fast?

How can we sell your house fast?

If you are looking to sell a property quickly – whether it is your family home or an investment property – National Residential are here to help you!

For those looking for an urgent sale, National Residential hold a dedicated ‘Home Purchase Fund’ that could be used to purchase your property for up to 80% Market Value in just 7 days. There are no additional legal fees or Estate Agency Fees to pay, and the money could be in your bank account 7 days later if you qualify for this service and agree to the price we offer. For more information, Sell House Fast

If you have a little longer to spare and would like to receive 100% Market Value for your property, then our 28-day online property auction service could work for you. National Residential currently offer two different 28-day sale options:

1 28-Day Fixed Price Sale – with ZERO Fees. If you choose this option, we will agree a Fixed Price with you to include all your legal fees and any estate agency fees. We sell your property for a higher price to an investor who pays our fee and all your fees (including any fees for lease extensions), and on completion you receive the agreed Fixed Price with no deductions for any fees whatsoever (apart from your mortgages of course!).

2 28-Day 100% Market Value Sale. If you choose this option, you pay your own fees. You set a minimum Reserve price for your property and our job is to beat it! Assuming we achieve or beat your Reserve Price, then we agree a sale and on completion, you pay all your own legal fees and you pay us a commission fee of 2.5% + VAT (min £3995 + VAT). From our commission we also pay the local estate agents fees.

All properties sold via our 28-day House Sale options are advertised on property portals such as RightMove and Zoopla, as well as through local Estate Agents and on our very own Auction Platform (view current properties for sale here: As a result, your property is advertised to a huge range of potential buyers so that we can get the very best price. National Residential is also registered with the Property Ombudsman, so you can trust that all of our processes are honest and transparent. So what have you got to lose?

Call us today on 01244 757152 or 0800 612 3694 and find out how we can help you to sell your home, fast, and for the best possible price.

Online estate agents go from 2.5% of market to over 5%

Online Estate agents go from 2.5% of market share to over 5% in two years – Rightmove

The property and technology worlds collided in the heart of London for the Future Property Tech conference, held yesterday.

EYE’s new Proptech editor (me!) was on hand to report on the day’s proceedings and highlight any interesting technology.

The day was kicked off with a panel discussion about deals within Proptech and the head of steam the industry has been gaining.

Headlining the panel was Charlie Wade of VTS, a US Proptech company which recently launched in the UK thanks to raising a mammoth $55m.

Google were up next with a whirlwind tour of how they are baking technology into our phones.

The example which had the crowd gasping was viewing a restaurant menu through the phone’s camera lens, and seeing the app replace the English words with French.

This technology is related to virtual reality and is called augmented reality, where you can see the world around you and computers can add images into your vision that help.

For the property world, that could be seeing live property listings in your glasses as your walk past homes on your street.

When asked by the audience whether Google will try and build a property portal again, the speaker responded by referencing Google Compare which was designed to ‘disrupt’ comparison sites.

He said Google is “taking a backseat” as it didn’t work out so well and it therefore seems unlikely that Google will enter the property portal space again.

A question on whether Google will be inventing an AI to replace estate agents unfortunately went unanswered.

Other speakers through the day included Eyal Malinger of Countrywide, who said his firm is sometimes known as the “best kept secret in the industry” which elicited laughter.

He spoke about wanting to “work with disruption” and said that “real innovative disruption cannot be stopped”.

Using the investment partnership with Fixflo as an example – which takes the pain of reporting repairs away for both tenants and landlords – he said Countrywide are looking for anything that “improves the productivity of our people and makes our customers happier”.

Main event

The undoubted main event was Miles Shipside of Rightmove.

Hosting a round table on what an estate agency might look like in the future, Shipside was a whirlwind of energy ensuring a wide variety of the audience got to speak.

Among the variety of views was EweMove Chief Glenn Ackroyd, saying 4-5% of people chose an estate agent based on price according to a Property Academy survey in 2013.

He highlighted that chains are where a local agent “earns their crust”, and are where an online estate agents “struggles to solve the pain”.

The conversation moved on to comparing the rise of online agents with conveyancing factories, which came in to disrupt their market.

The results were described as ending up with “some casualties, some mergers, but the conveyancing process is still way behind technology wise and needs fixing”.

Shipside went on to show data on Rightmove’s ‘Geographic Pricing Model’ for online estate agents, which now account for just over 5% of the market.

The graph on screen displayed that their market share was 2.5% in January 2014.

The Rightmove data on screen also included survey data of sellers of which 31% said they’d consider using an online estate agent, and 5% said they already have.

Russell Quirk of eMoov was quick to say “incumbents talk about online is only 5%, but if it’s doubled in two years, then where it could get to in 5-10 years, then I’d be a very happy individual.”

The next slide to pop up on the screen then burst the Emoov bubble by showing consumer awareness of online agents and whether they would consider using them: Purplebricks had 76% awareness to eMoov’s 32% and 19% of consumers said they’d consider using the former versus only 4% who would consider using Quirk’s business.

Rightmove said their interpretation of the research was “online brands struggling to convert that awareness into consideration.”

Iain White, a former agent with Romans, said: “all the models will work, if the offering is good. If what’s delivered is what was offered, then people will enjoy the choice.”

To add emphasis he described choice as “some people will want to sit on aisle, some by the window and other people will want to be strapped on the wing.”

He quickly raised the hackles of Adam Day of Hatched by saying, “Current online growth can’t continue as the spend isn’t sustainable at current profit levels.”

To which Day responded with “Sellers we (at Hatched) attract are more serious, as they’re paying up front so we achieve success on 65% of sales (as opposed to the widely touted 50% in the room.”

On the topic of price, Quirk gave us the gem that “Sellers want the agent to come and agree with them. It’s not a valuation, but a validation.”

Trevor Mealham of INEA did his best to talk everyone in the room into submitting to an INEA dominated future and was quickly told by Shipside that “Licensing? Not going to happen” when Mealham suggested licensing will come in within the next 2-3 years.

A French agent concurred by saying “licensed agents there (in France) are just as little trusted as here in the UK. Licensing is a red herring.”

The only mention of technology came from Eyal Malinger: “The risk is good agents becoming independent if given the technology to go solo.”

Another member of the audience called this the potential “Uberisation of estate agents” in reference to the surprising disruption of taxis by the ride-hailing app Uber.

And the conclusion?

Debbie Franklin of Andrews Property Group said she’d “been before” and that the event had “gathered momentum”.

She said while the “first session was boring”, she found “as the day’s gone on it’s been really good. The exhibition could be a bit bigger.”

She stated that while Andrews “previously haven’t thought of investing in things, if there’d been a few more stands it would have been more informative and visual. You don’t know who these startups are and those who aren’t good at promoting themselves could have a good solution for us.”

As the day ended, I felt a sense of anti-climax: I looked but didn’t come across any technology that would disrupt or enable agents so that consumers would get a better service.

Here’s hoping the massive amount of people who attended this well run event are inspired to invent that better future.

(Source Property Industry Eye)

Online estate agents National Residential will sell your property in 7 to 28 days.

How to Sell your House Quickly

How to Sell your House Quickly

Sell your house in as little as 7 or 28 days, guaranteed. There are many reasons you may have for selling your property, or needing to sell it quickly, personal or otherwise. Selling with National Residential will be a stress free experience. Sometimes, things in life happen that we have no control over and sometimes we need to free up cash or move quickly when life doesn’t really go as planned. National Residential allows this flexibility in life and can help out when things happen that we can’t control.

Moving home can be stressful and expensive, so why add time consuming into the mix? It can take months and even years to sell your home in the traditional way though estate agents. People want to sell quickly for a number of reasons, relocation for a new job, needing more space or to be closer to family. Often selling through a traditional estate agent can take too long and going through the whole process can become stressful. National Residential are trusted estate agents with the knowledge and experience you need to sell your home quickly. Selling your house this way has many benefits, it can help wipe out debt, or it can help you get into your dream house. So once the decision is made to sell, you may want to sell your house a quickly as possible. Having the money available quickly can make a huge difference to your peace of mind.

National Residential are experts in what we do and will do our best to ensure you get the best possible price for your home for a quick and hassle free sale. We can guarantee you sell your home quickly and efficiently. There are many benefits to selling your house quickly; it saves a lot of stress of viewings not turning up and sales falling through. Selling through National Residential will make the process quick, easy and as painless as possible. Giving you 100% of the value if you sell through the 28 day sales process.




According to the statistics from the World Bank, there are between 4.5 and 5.5 million Brits living abroad.  The greatest number of British ex-pats can be found in Australia (, though many don’t travel so far, choosing instead to settle in the homelands of some of our closest European neighbours, like France, Spain and Germany.

So what are these people leaving for? When I think of Emigration, one of the first images that pops into my head is that of retired British citizens moving to Spain for a retirement filled with sun, sea and sangria – but these British ex-pats make up only a fraction of the total number of Brits living abroad (  According to a report from the Telegraph last year (, 56% people moving out of the UK stated that ‘work related reasons’ were behind their decision to move.

If you have been given the opportunity to move abroad for work, to retire, or to move closer to friends and family, the process of moving your life from one country to another may seem overwhelming! If you need to free up funds quickly in order to buy or rent a new property abroad, why not consider selling your old home through National Residential?  If you are looking to sell your home in super-quick time, we offer a 7-day house sale option with our House Purchase Fund, and may be able to offer you up to 80% market value for your home if you meet our quick sale criteria.  If you can afford to wait a little longer to sell your property, we also offer a 28-day house sale option with our online property auction service and can help you achieve 100% market value for your property via this service.  For more information about selling or buying a home with National Residential, please give us a call today on: 01244 757152 or 0800 612 3694.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Trusted Online Estate Agent

Trusted Online Estate Agent

Every so often, we get a telephone call from a customer asking ‘Why can I trust National Residential with my property sale? What makes you so different from High Street Estate Agencies?’ and we are always happy to explain the numerous benefits of selling property with us!

Let’s clear up one important detail straight away! We are registered with the Property Ombudsman, just like High Street Estate Agencies, and are therefore subject to the same ‘good practice’ guidelines. This means that we work incredibly hard to ensure that all of our actions are honest and transparent, and will work closely with both vendor and buyer to ensure property sales happen swiftly and easily, without complication or ‘hidden’ fees.

However, unlike high street Estate Agencies, we ensure that all our buyers are chain free and have either a mortgage or cash funds in place to complete a house purchase within 56 days. Therefore, unlike High Street Estate Agents, the risk of a property sale falling through is greatly reduced! In fact, over 95% of our agreed sales actually complete – a great statistic, and one that we are incredibly proud of!

The fact that we are an online Estate Agency doesn’t mean that you are left without support and made to deal with the entire House Sale process on your own. We have a superb team of experienced staff working at the National Residential Head Office, and we will do all that we can to ensure that your house sale is as smooth and simple as possible! Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not! Just take a look at one of our recent testimonials:

Ms. W. “Whenever I spoke to the (National Residential) team they were kind, to the point, and just got on with the job in hand. When I was worried about things that had happened in the past when previous house sales had fallen through, I was reassured by the Customer Care team that they would look after the sale.”

If you looking for a fast property sale service from a trusted team of experienced House Sellers, come to National Residential – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Buy To Let Landlords – upcoming changes you should be aware of.

Buy To Let Landlords – upcoming changes you should be aware of.

If you are a considering purchasing a Buy to Let property, or if you are a small private landlord with a handful of ‘Buy to Let’ properties in your portfolio, it is likely that you will be aware of the changes that the government plans to introduce from April 2016.

For a start, the government are introducing a higher level of Stamp Duty Land Tax for all additional UK residential properties purchased after 01 April 2016. In addition to this, from 2017, the government also plan to change the way in which Landlords can claim tax relief on expenses such as Mortgage Interest (

Despite these changes, the demand for rental properties in the UK is likely to remain high – the average age of a first-time buyer is now 31 years of age (, so a need for good quality rental accommodation remains strong for both young professionals under this age and individuals with a limited income who have no desire to start climbing the housing ladder. However, understandably, there are some Landlords out there who may be looking to sell their Buy to Let properties before the new tax rules kick in next year. If you are one of these Landlords, why not consider selling your property through National Residential? We can help you to sell your property quickly and efficiently, even if your property is tenanted. So why not give us a ring today on 01244 757152 to find out how we can help you.

Selling your home online

Auction Properties UK

Auction Properties UK

Are you looking for a new family home or a new investment property to add to your portfolio?

If so, why not consider bidding on one of the properties currently for sale on the National Residential online UK property auction site?

With National Residential, it is simple to place a bid on one of our properties, and you can do this easily, 24 hours a day from the comfort of your PC or mobile device. We use the very latest technology to enable buyers to monitor properties, place bids, arrange viewings, ask questions, and to keep buyers constantly informed of the current bids and the ‘Best and Final’ end dates for online bidding. But we do not offer a ‘faceless’ or impersonal service – we work with the very best local estate agents to carry out viewings and to help buyers make offers on our properties.

In order to make an offer on one of our properties, buyers simply have to register to bid with ourselves or with our local agent. If your bid is successful, our customer service team and panel solicitors will work closely with you and the vendor in order to ensure that completion can be achieved quickly and easily.

We are instructed by vendors to sell their properties for the best price possible within just 28 days. Buyers must be chain-free and have either mortgage or cash funds to complete within 56 days. Successful buyers are required to pay a small holding deposit of 1% (minimum £1000) of the purchase price in order to secure a property. We therefore strongly advise that you carry out market research and due diligence on any property before you bid.

If you are interested in purchasing a house through the National Residential online UK Property Auction service, our experienced sales team and local estate agents are always on hand to help answer any questions you may have –just ring 01244 757152 today for more information!

Sell house Fast

Vendors and Buyers working with National Residential is positive

Working with National Residential is positive for both Vendors AND Buyers

At National Residential, we work hard to ensure that the house sale process we offer is quick, simple and efficient for both vendors and buyers, thanks to our experienced and friendly team of customer service professionals, property-sale specialists and panel solicitors.

We have just received glowing testimonials from both the Vendor and Buyer of one of the houses we helped to sell in January – a property in Sheffield where the sale completed in just 40 days:

Vendor – Ms. W. “Whenever I spoke to the team they were kind, to the point, and just got on with the job in hand. When I was worried about things that had happened in the past, I was reassured by the Customer Care team that they would look after the sale.”

Buyer – Mr N. “Everything moved far quicker than I expected and it was a very easy process. All the staff were helpful and I am really happy with the service.”

So whether you are looking to buy or sell a house in 2016, come to National Residential! We have a wide range of properties for sale via our online property auction and you can learn more about the process of buying a house through us here: House Buyers. If you want to sell a property, we offer a 7-day House Sale option as well as our 28-day Online Property Auction Service, and you can find out more about both of these options by visiting our website: House Selling Process.

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