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In this ‘Digital Age’, where anything and everything is available to purchase online, the likelihood is that most people have used an auction site to buy or sell something, however small.  I’ve used eBay, for example, a few times – it’s quick and easy to use, though I am extremely conscious of the fact that I don’t want to get too comfortable using it and end up with a whole house full of random stuff purchased ‘because it was a bargain’…  Anyway, despite their user-friendly nature and the fantastic range of products that are available on buy through online auction sites, they do still appear to have issues associated with their human users – how many of you have run into problems, either with a buyer or a seller, who doesn’t fulfil their end of the sale? I certainly have.

As a result of issues that people may have experienced on other auction sites, when some people see National Residential’s innovative auction service, they are a little bit dubious – they want to know: is it really possible to sell a house with an online auction system? Given that nearly everyone has had a dodgy experience on an auction site where either a buyer or seller hasn’t fulfilled their obligations, how can National Residential ensure that buying a house via their online auction works for both the vendor and the buyer?

National Residential’s success with their online auction system is all down to the technology that they have incorporated into the system, as well as their dedicated team of experienced customer service staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that all parties involved in the sale are serious and have the funds available to complete. Their hard work really has paid off – thanks to their rigorous buyer approval procedures, 95% of all agreed sales complete!

National Residential have invested heavily in the technology behind their auction system, ensuring that buyers and sellers have access to the auction site and control over their bidding no matter where they are, or what the time of day. Bidders are sent regular weekly text messages informing them of the current bid, their current highest bid, and the closing date for the auction so that they can carefully monitor the auction process. But unlike other auction sites, when the winning bid is placed, the buyer and vendor are both supported by National Residential’s Customer Service Team and their panel Solicitors and brokers throughout the buying process to ensure that the sale can move quickly and efficiently towards completion.

Once a high bid has been made, National Residential’s experienced Customer Service team will contact the bidder to ensure that they are happy with the buying process. If they are, they must agree to pay a non-refundable holding deposit to secure the property once their final bid has been accepted – this helps to ensure that the buyer is serious and in a position to complete quickly on the property in question, helping the vendor to achieve their goal of a quick and easy sale.

So don’t dismiss UK property auctions before you have taken a good look at the National Residential Website to find out more about the process. Take a look at some of the properties currently listed too – you never know, you might find the perfect family home or investment opportunity just sitting there, waiting for your bid!

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